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Sozo Tamarind nectar 200ml

Rs. 210.00

SOZO Passionfruit & Narang

Rs. 290.00

SOZO Pani Dodang and sea salt 370ml

Rs. 290.00

SOZO Lime Crush 370ml

Rs. 290.00

SOZO Ginger Lime Tonic

Rs. 290.00

Kashundi Mustard 200g

Rs. 699.00

Pepper Valley Fresh Lingus 320g

Rs. 580.00

SOZO Lemon Iced Tea 350ml

Rs. 290.00

SOZO Forest Berries Iced Tea 350ml

Rs. 290.00

kitul Chocolate 30g

Rs. 150.00

Baby Kitul Jaggery 230g

Rs. 690.00

Palmyrah Jaggery 235g

Rs. 625.00

Roast Pork 250g

Rs. 540.00

Pepper Valley Fresh Spicy Chicken Sausage 300g

Rs. 580.00

Pepper Valley Fresh Golden Chicken Sausage 300g

Rs. 580.00

Organic Coconut products

Rs. 330.00

Native Ceylon Coconut Treacle 250g

Rs. 475.00

Homemade Lasagna 400g

Rs. 1,220.00

Hot Chocolate Mix 200g

Rs. 495.00

Frozen Margherita Pizza 10"

Rs. 995.00

Dolce Italia Homemade Chicken Liver Pate 280g

Rs. 820.00

Ceylon Cinnamon Coconut sugar 50g

Rs. 475.00

Breaded Prawns 260g

Rs. 1,100.00